CDLink ApS

CD-Link Aps, a Danish company, is dedicated to promote and develop friendly exchanges and cooperation between Denmark and China. It is situated in Sønderborg Municipality, a famous city in South Denmark.

Since it’s established in 2013, CD-Link has successfully enforced collaboration of enterprises, institutions, government between China and Denmark. It has rich experience in the field of cultural exchanges, art trading, green energy, low carbon environmental protection and education etc.

For example, it assisted Sønderborg from Denmark and Haiyan from China to reach the agreement of “The EU-China Urbanization Partnership”, which was officially signed during the meeting of EU-China Exhibition on Urban Development in 2013. It is one of the ten cooperative projects in China and Europe partnership.

As the link of between China and Denmark, CD-Link ApS is responsible for Sønderborg cooperation affairs with China. And to ensure the sustainable collaboration, CD-Link has been part of the cooperation between Sønderborg and Haiyan to help promote, design and implement initiatives.

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Haiyan- det nye grønne Kina

Haiyan- a green gardening city in China. Following Danfoss and Lego, It will be definitely a nature location for any Danish companies which are considering China as their location from further expansion.

The gross domestic product of Haiyan amounted to around 32b dkk in 2013, 34b dkk in 2014, 38b dkk in 2015, with growth rates of 8.5%, 7%, 12% respectively.

Located in northern Zhengjiang Province of East China, about 118 km (62 mi) south of Shanghai and 98km north of Hangzhou.

Within one hour, you can reach Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo from Haiyan.

Haiyan are awarded “China-Euro Urbanization Partnership Demonstration Area”.

As one of the Special Economic Zones of China,it has also been approved as a national level green Ecological Demonstration Urban Area. The primary business areas in focus are green technology, ports oriented logistics, electronics, mechanical manufacturing and tourism.


Haiyan: The obvious Choice

Go Haiyan China

Did you know…
The world’s first paper money was created in China 1,400 years ago.

71% of people in China measure success by the their possessions.
A recent survey conducted by global research firm IPSOS

Chinese shoppers are the now world’s foremost consumers of luxury items, accounting for nearly a third of global purchases, according to consulting firm Bain & Co.